Industrial Screener


APEX™ Dry Separation Screeners are designed for efficient Performance, increased process up-time within the production line, and quick and easy maintenance and cleaning.

  • Ergonomic design enables screener to be maintained by one person.
  • Quick and easy screen inspection, screen changes, and cleaning by one person.
  • Screens can be changed in 80% less time.
  • Inspection of all screens in less than 10 minutes.
  • Operator lifted components weigh no more than 40 lbs.
  • Screen panels weigh 5 lbs.








 How does it work?



1. CIRCULAR MOTION AT FEED END The gyratory motion at the feed end of the machine immediately spreads the material across the full width of the screen surface to maximize screen utilization – even though the feed is from a single point.

At the same time, this motion stratifies the material, causing the fines to sink down against the screen surface. The particles that are appreciably smaller than the openings quickly pass through at this part of the screen.

2. CHANGING TO ELLIPTICAL MOTION AT CENTER As the circular motion diminishes into an elliptical path, the gentle near-horizontal motion causes the fine particles closer in size to the screen mesh – the near-size particles – to fall through the mesh openings.

3. STRAIGHT-LINE MOTION AT DISCHARGE END The nearly linear reciprocating motion at the discharge end of the ROTEX Screener removes those particles closest in size to the mesh openings while gently conveying the oversize material off the screen. In addition, the unique ROTEX ability to advance or retard material flow at the discharge end allows further fine tuning to achieve the most efficient and accurate motion for the application.



Partical Size Separator

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