QC10 Quick Change Feeder

Tecweigh came up with the quickest way to empty a flexible hopper style screw feeder in the entire industry, and we call it the QC10. The Tecweigh® QC10 single drive feeder couples a unique Flex-Feed® polyurethane hopper with an opening in the bottom and the ability to agitate the hopper without driving the auger. When you need to change material, simply stop the feeder and place a reclaim container underneath. Open the bottom discharge slide gate (or remove the plug) and run the drive motor in reverse; it’s that easy


Volumetric Flex Feed

Tecweigh volumetric feeders along with performance benefits provide lower than industry cost and quick ship availability. Our volumetric feeders come in three basic sizes; the series 5 is the smallest with a 0.5 cubic foot capacity, the series 12 offers a 1.2 cubic foot capacity and the series 28 is the largest with 2.8 cubic feet.Our patented, simple design offers very few moving parts, provides quick access to common wear parts, limits breakdowns and can be disassembled in 15 seconds.


High Turn Down Feeder

When high turn down is required for your applications our new 5 and 10 series volumetric feeders will fill your requirements. With 40:1 turn down these feeders will often save money you would otherwise have tied up in multiple augers and feed tube diameters to satisfy the range required. Not to mention the money sitting in your spare parts inventory for multiple diameters as well. With a heavy gauge glass bead blasted 304SS cabinet designed for easy cleaning and externally mounted inverter duty motor and bulletproof planetary reducer these feeders are designed for the long haul. Couple that with a quiet running cogged belt drive and we have a volumetric feeder that is sure to satisfy all your needs.

Gravimetric Feeder & Controller

The polyurethane Flex-Feed® hopper is stronger, more resilient and abrasion-resistant than vinyl. No cracks or ledges exist to collect material. The hopper interlocks with the cabinet for a tight seal. The patented auger and feed-tube designs allow for quick, tool-less removal and re-assembly. Tecweigh feeders are flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of dry materials, from fine powders to large pellets. Our three different sizes of feeders can move from 0.003 ft3/hr to more than 900 ft3/hr


Hardsided Volumetric Feeder

The Tecweigh® hard-sided volumetric feeder provides a heavy-duty, stainless steel product contact surface and Tecweigh’s patented cartridge drive bearing assembly. This feeder’s unique design minimizes product build up areas and its "quick disconnect" feature provides tool-less removal of most components, including the auger and feed tube. Tecweigh’s design features speed up maintenance and clean up, and make the feeder ideal for sanitary applications.


Weigh Belt Feeders

Tecweigh Weigh Belt Feeders are the most rugged feeders in the industry, with many having been in service for over 15 years. We offer several models of weigh belt feeders using NTEP approved load cells. Our feeders are available in capacities ranging from 100 pounds per hour to 1000 tons per hour with custom designed feeders for even greater capacities. Calibration is quick, easy and safe, utilizing self-storing calibration weights that eliminate bulky chains or awkward hang-on weights. The weights are specifically sized for the required application to provide the most accurate calibration possible.


Belt Scales

Tecweigh manufactures electronic conveyor belt scales in single, dual and four idler configurations that are easy to use, dependable and provide top performance at a great value. Our scales feature self-storing calibration weights, user friendly weight processors and the longest warranty in the business. The WY-10 and WY-15 systems are two of our most popular belt scales.

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